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New here?

Hiya new person.

*waves frantically

Welcome to my warm, fuzzy, safe space of the internet (more commonly known as my blog).

So who am I?

Well I can sum that up in one simple sentence.

I'm a hyperactive oddball.

That's pretty much it. 

I'm just some overly enthusiastic girl who wants to change the world.

I absolutely love writing and art.

Bit of an animal lover, especially seals and kittens *squeals, not being able to handle overload of cuteness

I'm a child of God.

I'm a fighter and 100% pro-recovery.

My blog is my safe space, it's a place for rants, sharing my struggles on my journey of recovery, it's a place for poor spelling and punctuation, it's a place to share my small successes and be real about life. My blog isn't perfect, but it's mine.

In person I might not be the most sociable but online is a different story and like working along side others. I love it when people comment even if it's just to say hi, so don't be a stranger. Everyone is welcome here, make yourself at home. If you ever want to work with me on anything pop me an email and say hello using the contact me form on the next page. Look forward to hearing off you!

So follow, subscribe if you like and come join the family of Hyperactive Oddballs!

Keep on smiling,

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Hiya all.

It's been a while since my last post hasn't it?

A lot has been happening in these past moths My life has taken a roller-coaster of a journey. One full of pain and excitement, love, self acceptance, hard conclusions and fear, lot of fear, it's been quite something.

During this time it might look like I've taken a break from blogging and in some ways this is true, I've taken a break from Acting Natural, but I've been blogging more than ever before.

So today I'd like to introduce you to Lost In The Story.

This is my main blog and is the reason I haven't posted in several moths, I've moved sites.

So why have I done this?

Reason one being that as a blogger I've started to expand and grow. I love Bloggers simplicity but as I started to write more I wished for more control of my blog and the only way I could do that was to move platforms. It's been a bit hard learning a much more complex system but I'm loving it.

I've also changed …

Snap Shots

Not too long ago I got sent a news article. The title was STOP USING INSTAGRAM.

Catchy right?

It was wrote by some people who collected a bunch of research and data to find out what social networking platform was the worst for teenagers and youths mental heath. You can probably guess what their results found judging by it's title.

I didn't necessarily agrees or think very highly of the article as it was aimed at parents to scare them and read to be really bias against any social networking platform going, so for that reason I'm not wanting to share a link to it, but you can look into it if you'd like, it shouldn't be that hard to find. Whilst I didn't agree with the article it was good food for thought.

One of the first few posts I ever wrote on this blog was called Perfection on social media and it was one of my most popular posts for a long time. After reading that article, I think that topic is very much something that I'd like to discus once again.

I a…

Growing Pains

Growing up is a scary thing and in all honesty, I can't stand it.

I don't understand that at the age of 18 and now being considered an adult I have to act differently and all my old childish but comforting habits need to be demolished. I don't understand why I get disapproving looks when I don't do things others my age do.

Now that college is over people of my age are making the exciting transition to Uni or full time work, but mainly uni.

I'm not doing this.

I've just came out of college with an BTEC Extended diploma and a Sup diploma in forensic science. It's more than enough to get me into uni but I'm going back for a 3rd year at the hell hole more commonly know as college to study business.

When people ask why I'm not going to Uni in September my reply is usually along the lines of "I have a years left of funding and I want to make the most of it." This isn't a lie. I do have a years left of free funding so I might as well get anot…