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New here?

Hiya new person.

*waves frantically

Welcome to my warm, fuzzy, safe space of the internet (more commonly known as my blog).

So who am I?

Well I can sum that up in one simple sentence.

I'm a hyperactive oddball.

That's pretty much it. 

I'm just some overly enthusiastic girl who wants to change the world.

I absolutely love writing and art.

Bit of an animal lover, especially seals and kittens *squeals, not being able to handle overload of cuteness

I'm a child of God.

I'm a fighter and 100% pro-recovery.

My blog is my safe space, it's a place for rants, sharing my struggles on my journey of recovery, it's a place for poor spelling and punctuation, it's a place to share my small successes and be real about life. My blog isn't perfect, but it's mine.

In person I might not be the most sociable but online is a different story and like working along side others. I love it when people comment even if it's just to say hi, so don't be a stranger. Everyone is welcome here, make yourself at home. If you ever want to work with me on anything pop me an email and say hello using the contact me form on the next page. Look forward to hearing off you!

So follow, subscribe if you like and come join the family of Hyperactive Oddballs!

Keep on smiling,

Popular Posts

Diamond walls (poetry)

I dance my personality for everyone I meet
Friendships was never easy
My life was spent living in a glass bubble.
Beautify but fragile.
Contained but vulnerable.

But that bubble tuned into diamond walls,
Such a beautiful sight.
People stand back admiring the person I've become.
'Such a lovely girl'
'A heart of gold'

You fools!

Can't you see the girl that's trapped inside?
Those walls are my prison.
You're blinded by its beauty, by the riches you could obtain from it.
After all, diamond is a jewel

You only think of yourself.
Maybe you can see the girl that's trapped inside.
Maybe you're ignoring her.
Pretend you didn't see it, walk away!
Become distracted 'maybe she'll go away'

I won't disappear though.
Whilst you can walk away because you don't care to help, I am still here.
I'm still trapped in those diamond walls

Do you even care?

I change for you.
I build my walls higher and thicker by helping you.
But are you changing for me?
Every person I…

Fidget toys.

Fidget toys!!

Who hasn't heard of them lately?

These thing are everywhere.

Your younger sibling might have one, that guys in the street, you friends, you might even own one. It's surprisingly difficult to be in a public place and not see one. This has sparked several conversations about how useful these things really are. They're the latest craze. Some people question the usefulness of them and others are all for it, some are cautious because they are literally everywhere and can be a distraction in schools.

I'm leader at my local guide unit and last time we met several of the girls had the fidget spinners. I'm not going to include a photos because we all know what they look like. At out unit there are 4 leaders including myself (we have a big unit). One of them works at a primary school so is very up to date in what these things are, the other two had no idea what they were all about. We had to convince them about their usefulness and that they could help with pe…

Growing up

Now that we've safely stumbled into May it is time for my college course to be coming to an end. My friends are off to start the next chapter of their lives at Uni, some are going to spend a year in full time work and others are taking a gap year to get a deeper understanding of how the world works.

As for me?

I have no idea what I'm doing next.

Sure I have plans and fall back options just encase I don't find something better to do, but realistically I don't know what I want to do.

University is out of the question as I'm not confident enough in my future to get myself into thousands of pounds of debt, I'm not really in a position to pay the several thousand for my discipleship year, nor have I got enough funds to pay for the higher education course that I wanted to do at college. I have got an unconditional offer on a place studying business at my current college for a year, this is just my fall back option though, but I am glad to have it there.

Believe in yo…